Find the Perfect Comfort Shoe!

Finding the perfect comfort shoe isn’t as hard as you think! With all the great benefits of shopping online, you can read a plethora of customer reviews by real people, read detailed product descriptions, enjoy the benefit of a huge selection of items, and even do a price comparison.

See our below tips for how to look for the perfect comfort shoe – whether you’re looking for a comfortable walking shoe, or a casual summer sandal that you can trek in all day.

Price Range

Depending on the quality of fabrics, design process, and level of craftsmanship, comfort shoes can sure be pricey! It’s important to set your budget before you set your eyes on the perfect pair. If price is a main factor to determine your shoe choice, we suggest that you choose a price filter. Most sites allow you to sort selection by price: low to high, choose only sale items, or even set a price range.

Search Queries

It can be overwhelming to search for the perfect pair in such a large selection! Knowing what to search for on these larger sites, will help you find the best results!

  1. Use Filters – if you’re main determiner for your purchase is price, sort by price. If you want to consider what others have recommended, you can sort by customer rating.
  2. Choose a Category – look for specialty sections like “Comfort Shoes” or “Comfort Boutique.” Most large sites offer many sub-categories that you can access from their homepage, or by doing a bit more digging.
  3. Brands – do a little research about which brands sell what you’re looking for. You can browse several sights in order to do this – and see they’re recommendations for their top comfort shoe brands.


The more the merrier! If you appreciate good style – you know how fun it is to browse through a large selection of styles. Larger shoe brands like Mephisto and Birkenstock offers hundreds of unique styles, while smaller brands like Aravon (by New Balance) have a select few best sellers.

Size & Width

You should consider both the size & the width when looking for the perfect shoe! Many great brands like Naot and Munro, offer a range of widths in most of their styles for a customized fit. This becomes really helpful for those of us with unique foot sizes.

Comfort Features

Always read product descriptions to gather more details! Product descriptions are a great way to complete the full picture of the product you’re browsing online. Because you can’t feel the item for yourself, you need to depend on detailed product descriptions that describe what materials the product is made from, what kind of footbeds they come with, and any other extra features.

Read Reviews

Understand from real people like yourself who have actually made the purchase. Make sure to read several reviews before making any judgments, and remember that what one person might say may be an exception. We advise to look at the overall rating of a shoe, and look for details like “I have narrow feet and..” or “I suffer from back aches…” to find a relatable review.

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