Shopping Tips

Shopping online comes with many more benefits than most realize! Many of us are hesitant to shop online (especially for clothing & footwear) because we don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of returns. However, there are many great ways to prevent buying an item that doesn’t fit. See our top suggestions below.

Read Reviews

Learn from your peers! With such a large online community, it’s easy to get a sense of general consensus about a product your’e interested in buying. Customer reviews are a great added benefit about shopping online.
If you can’t find customer reviews on a site you’ve already been one, try looking somewhere else. Most chances someone has already left a review.
Make sure to read both the good and bad reviews to get the full picture. Also pay attention to the amount of positive reviews that are being left, and don’t judge a product based on one bad review (if there are many good ones as well).

Watch Product Vidoes

Most websites offer a product video each item they sell! It’s a great way to see the real look & feel of the product, rather than relying on the product image that most of the time doesn’t include real circumstances. The videos really show the nits and grits of the product, details that you may not otherwise have come across.

View Size Charts

Almost all online sits offer a size chart that compares sizes in European shoes versus American shoes for example. Many popular brands are imported, and it’s important to know you’re size rather than guessing.
Some sites also offer a brand comparison feature, where you can compare the size of the desired product to a size of product that you already know you’re size.

Read Product Descriptions

It’s always important to read the product description so you don’t come across any surprises when you receive your purchase. You can’t rely on a product image to understand how the product will feels. For example, for those of us that need extra support in our footwear, it’s key to look at the materials of the footbed.

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